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Bluestone Prairie Media will do our best to always meet and exceed your expectations. We also believe in communicating through written media, such as messenger, e-mail, text messages, etc., to ensure there are no misunderstandings by either party. 

We offer written proposals and quotes based on services discussed and our recommendations for your unique situation. When you choose to move forward, we will arrange a virtual or in-person meeting to finalize details. Before work begins, both parties will sign a Website Design and Marketing Agreement that is read over a live Zoom call and sent to you via Adobe Acrobat Sign. We expect you to fully understand this agreement before signing and you will not be invoiced until you do have a thorough understanding and have signed, dated the Agreement. Our priorities are to ensure that you receive the services proposed and agreed upon and to build a relationship that is profitable for you and your business growth.

We expect clear communication from you regarding your expectations of us. Conversely, we will clearly communicate how we propose to enhance your brand, through strategy, website design, social media marketing, and advertising. After consultation with you, Bluestone Prairie Media will send you an agreement outlining the specific deliverables, compensation and milestone schedules. Additionally, if we are not hired to write unique content for your site, we expect you to email any and all files of content, images, and other information you want us to include. 

Three (3) days after the signing of the Agreement and paying your invoice or first invoice, you will be Onboarded as an official Client of Bluestone Prairie Media.  We manage all Clients in an online two-way Customer Relationship Manager platform called Workplace.  There will be never be a time where you are out of the loop, per say. All information, updates, details and other notes will be posted and shared in the Workplace.  When we need collateral from you such as copy, images, video or answers to questions, all such information should be posted by you inside of your own, unique Workplace group.  

Because we work with you and with deadlines in mind, you will need to review our work, and provide feedback and approval in a timely manner. We will set deadlines together, but it is part of the agreement. If we foresee a delay, you will be notified within 7 days of a deadline. Growing and scaling a business takes time. Your cooperation and understanding are crucial to the success of our collaboration. 

We offer different payment schedules to meet your needs.

  1. Website Design Full Payment – 1 invoice 
  2. Website Design Monthly Installment Plan for 6, 8, 12 or 24 months – invoiced on the anniversary date of your signed Agreement 
  3. Social Media Marketing, 6-months terms, Monthly Billing 
  4. SEO, 6-months, Monthly Billing 

Each payment must be made on schedule, or it is subject to a small late fee

If you paid in full and are not satisfied with your website, you have 14 days to notify us of any changes. We do not offer refunds on full payment Agreements.

If you are paying on a monthly Installment Plan, you have 14 days after the website launches to request a refund based on why you can prove we didn’t hold up our end of the Agreement; or to not move forward with the Agreement. In this case, your second month after the website launches would not be due; however, this option will cause you to forfeit your website rights to Bluestone Prairie Media. 

On Marketing and Advertising Agreements, we will entertain a refund after the testing period of 90-days and/or on any non-deliverable after 90-days. This means we require 30 days notice for cancellation of any marketing and advertising work. 

All websites must be paid in full or paid monthly for 6 – 12; 24 months in order to be transferred to the client. This way we can ensure we deliver and are fairly compensated for our high quality website, social media marketing, and advertising work.  

You may request a refund after 90-days or for any undelivered, agreed upon deliverables, work, or services by emailing explaining what deliverable, work and/or service was not met and the reason for your request. We will reply within 3 business days – to allow appropriate and adequate inquiry on our end. Please note: we do not offer refunds on any of our work unless we violated the signed Agreement


  • Any service or deliverable that has been accepted or performed and paid for is excluded from any refund.
  • Any refund request submitted after 90 days post final payment is excluded from any refund.
  • Bluestone Prairie Media cannot refund the first 90 days of work, regardless of the outcome.

Further information and details are found in the Design and/or Marketing Agreement.